Yandex Reportedly Developing a Visual Search Engine for Facebook

Yandex, a tech giant in Russia often dubbed as the “Google of Russia,” is reportedly working on a voice-activated visual search engine for Facebook. The mobile app, codenamed “Wonder,” allows users to ask what businesses their Facebook friends have visited and what they have ordered. TechCrunch revealed details on the alpha version of Wonder, which […]

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Samsung Unveils Bendable OLED Smartphone Screens

Another common trend in CES 2013, apart from 4K TVs, are the flexible screens. LG and Nokia have demonstrated their take on the technology, but it is Samsung’s turn into the spotlight. Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, showed off bendable OLED screens that the company hopes to appear in new smartphones and TVs. […]

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Kim Dotcom Launches Successor to Megaupload

Kim Dotcom, the big boss of Megaupload, has launched the reboot of his file-sharing site. The service, called Mega, is a cloud-storage site that allows users to upload and store any kind of file. The launch comes after Megaupload was shut down last year after New Zealand police arrested Dotcom and his employees over accusations […]

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Norwegian Man Gets 1 Million Facebook Likes to Sleep with Crush

Looks like the use of Facebook Likes is going a tad too much. Petter Kverneng of Norway convinced his high school crush, Cathrine Johansen, that they would have sex if he gets 1 million Likes on Facebook. What started out reportedly as a prank hit the million mark within hours after the 20-year-old male posted […]

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Atari Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Atari, the iconic company that pioneered the video game era, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to “separate from the structural financial encumbrances” of its French parent company, Atari S.A. The filing, which was made voluntarily in a bankruptcy court in New York by Atari’s US-based subsidiaries (Atari Inc.; Atari Interactive, Inc; California U.S. […]

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