Number of Wikipedia Editors on the Decline

Recent statistics show that Wikipedia–the largest online, volunteer-driven encyclopedia–has been losing editors for the past six years. But who is to blame as to why less and less people are writing and amending content in Wikipedia? A research study from the University of Minnesota suggests that we could point the finger to the new rules […]

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Psy to Appear in Super Bowl Commercial Facebook Sweepstakes

Psy may have announced that he retired “Gangnam Style” on New Year’s Eve, but apparently he has some commitments to finish first before he could lay the song that elevated him to global popularity to rest. The South Korean superstar is set to appear in an upcoming Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl campaign, using “Get crackin’ […]

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After Two Years Nokia to Report About Profit

It was almost two years ago when Stephen Elop, then newly appointed as Nokia’s CEO, said that he inherited loads of problems as the Finnish company–which at the time was a leading global brand in cellphones until Apple introduced the iPhone–was on the verge of becoming irrelevant. We have witnessed several radical changes in Nokia, […]

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Google Executive Urges North Korea to Embrace Internet

Eric Schmidt, Google‘s executive chairman, has returned from a four-day visit to North Korea on Thursday. He urges the reclusive nation’s government to embrace the Web. The mystery-shrouded Scmidt’s tour of North Korea slowly unravels as he, along with a private delegation led by former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, returned to the United States. […]

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Facebook Begins Message for a Fee Experiment in Zuckerbergs Inbox

Last month, Facebook announced that it is toying on an idea to allow users send messages to people they are not connected with for a fee. That experiment has apparently been conducted, starting with their CEO’s Timeline. Mashable discovered that Facebook users would have to pay $ 100 just to send a message to his […]

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