Freedompop Brings Free WiMax to iPod Touch

Many tech observers have high hopes about Freedompop and its promise of free wireless Internet for iPhones equipped with its special cases. Turns out the company is also cooking another 4G-capable case, this time for the iPod Touch.

In fact, the freemium Internet-equipped iPod Touch case is already available for pre-order, costing $ 99 a pop.

The Freedompop 4G iPod Touch case features a WiMax mobile hotspot wrapped around the device instead of just sitting next to it. While the mileage varies depending on WiMax limited coverage, the company plans to release an updated model that works with Sprint’s LTE network.

In essence, this iPod Touch case can turn the media device into an iPhone after installing VoIP apps like Skype to bring phone functionality to the iPod. Freedompop provides users 500MB of free Internet access every month, as well as bonus bandwidth if you share it to others. Those who need a little more bandwidth can shell out $ 10 for each additional gigabyte, but the company is planning to offer low-cost data plans for heavy users.

Source: Freedompop, via TechCrunch
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