YouTube Now Ask Users to Comment with Their Real Names

We all know how YouTube has become a cesspool of comment trolls, which is why the video-sharing website is trying to clean up by encouraging users to post their comments using their real names.

So the next time a YouTube user tries to troll on a video with lame “Gaaaaaaay” comments, a pop-up window would ask the user to starting using their “full name” at the site. The “full name” is based on the user’s Google+ account, since that social network requires them to register using their real names.

Of course, trolling is never fun if you use your real name. If you refuse that option, another pop up appears asking you to justify your decision. Google makes it clear that you can switch back to your username at any time.

Whether this new procedure will improve the comments section of YouTube remains to be seen. To be honest, I doubt it. Those who troll will remain trolls and will most likely refuse to post using their real names.

Source: PC World
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