Twitter Testing Two-Stage Authentication Process

When it comes to making their social networking service secure, Twitter seems to be lagging behind. After a series of hack attacks affecting major Twitter accounts like Burger King and the Associated Press, the microblogging service revealed that it is working on a two-factor authentication process. When it would be introduced to users, however, remains unknown.

Twitter revealed that it has been working on beefing up its security since last year, which became more apparent when they were hunting for engineers with specific experience with login security.

Other online services have rolled out its two-factor authentication, such as Google in 2011 and Microsoft just last week. This new system would require users to provide another mandatory authentication process through SMS and other means.

In the case of Twitter, it might be difficult to manage two-factor authentication for accounts that might be used by multiple individuals in different locations, such as in the case of the Associated Press. This process, however, is badly needed on Twitter especially among verified users who have gone through great lengths to prove they are not posers.

Source: Wired, via TechCrunch
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